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The challenge

It can be challenging for startups to build traction in a saturated software market as a young company.

• Marketing: >40% of early revenue on pay-per-click marketing and customer outreach.
• Saturation:<10% will survive the first year dominated by unicorn companies.
• Innovation: Emerging segments and trends cause expensive pivots.
• Competition: It’s growing, rapidly! Currently, 3,000+ marketing software are on the market!
• Underfunded: VCs and investors only invest in companies who reach PMF/PCF.

The solution

Find your buyers. Stand out. Win Accelerate growth in a market saturated with a software search platform built for early stage software companies.

• Get in front of your ideal audience with a commission & pay per click free listing.
• Market insights and exposure for your brand.
• Data analytics, trends, and conversions from your dashboard.
• Competition free search platform choose your unique deal.
• Customer base of early adopters helping you reach PMF/PCF through sales, fast!

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Use gift code: 1FREE21 *on monthly plans

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